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report get earn include be be earn report have get
think get be get have be close go be deliver
Newspapers in England are that subway train drivers paid more than pilots, doctors, police officers and nurses. The Sunday Times newspaper reports that the three highest-paid drivers on the London Underground $130,000 last year. This overtime, bonuses and pension payments. It a 69 per cent rise in pay since 2012. Journalists say the basic salary of a train driver is $70,000 a year. This double the average wage of a nurse in London and more than what many airline pilots . The newspaper that police officers in London a starting salary of $28,000. In addition to their pay, London Underground train drivers over eight weeks paid holiday a year.

Many people the high salaries train drivers are unfair. James Roberts of the Tax-Payers' Alliance said: "These salaries totally [wrong]....Increasingly, the role of a [subway train] driver is easier." He said that many train drivers no longer to drive the trains because many train lines fully automated. He said drivers on automated train lines only have to open and train doors. He was also surprised the drivers were on strike for more pay. A train drivers' spokesman said their pay for, "the professionalism, and expertise...of a professional public service for hundreds of thousands of passengers travelling on the Underground...every day."

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