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The words
Newspapers in England are [reported / reporting] that subway train drivers get paid more than pilots, doctors, police officers and nurses. The Sunday Times newspaper reports [then / that] the three highest-paid drivers on the London Underground earned $130,000 last year. This [inclusive / included] overtime, bonuses and [pension / person] payments. It is a 69 per cent [rise / risen] in pay since 2012. Journalists say the [basically / basic] salary of a train driver is $70,000 a year. This is [double / doubtful] the average wage of a nurse in London and more than what [much / many] airline pilots earn. The newspaper reports that police officers in London have a [starting / started] salary of $28,000. In addition to their pay, London Underground train drivers get over eight weeks [paid / pay] holiday a year.

Many people think the high salaries train drivers get are [unfairly / unfair] . James Roberts of the Tax-Payers' Alliance said: "These [salary / salaries] are totally wrong....Increasingly, the [role / roll] of a subway train driver is getting easier." He said that many train drivers [not / no] longer have to drive the trains because many train lines are [fully / full] automated. He said drivers on automated train lines [only / once] have to open and close train doors. He was also surprised the drivers were going [on / in] strike for more pay. A train drivers' spokesman said their pay [was / were] for, "the professionalism, and expertise...of delivering a [professionally / professional] public service for hundreds of thousands of passengers [travelled / travelling] on the Underground...every day."

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