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There is still a [long / length] way to go before women achieve economic equality with men. Centuries, in [factually / fact] . This is [accordance / according] to the recently-released annual Global Gender Gap Report from the World Economic Forum. It said it would take more than 200 years [before / prior] women and men worldwide have economic [parity / purity] . The report found many areas in which women [sag / lag] far behind today. One huge area is pay. Women around the world currently [earn / earning] about 20-30 per cent less on average than their male [counterparts / counterpoints] . A factor contributing to this is the [scarce / scarcity] of women in management positions. The WEF said: "In the workplace, women still encounter significant obstacles [in / on] taking on managerial or senior official roles."

The World Economic Forum (WEF) found that the inequalities [divide / between] the sexes had closed [by / at] only a small amount in the past year, since [the / a] last report was published. Researchers found that the largest gap between the sexes was [on / in] politics. It said: "Only 23 per cent of the political gap - unchanged [since / for] last year - has been closed, and no country has [yet / let] fully closed political empowerment gaps." Other wide gaps still [existence / exist] in healthcare and education opportunities. The WEF said: "The equal contribution of women and men [in / at] this process of deep economic and societal transformation is critical. More than [never / ever] , societies cannot afford to lose out on the skills, ideas and perspectives of [half / halve] of humanity."

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