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   border      deal      enforcement      federal      gridlock      holiday      home      homeland      lack      long      one      operations      partially      promises      security      services      statement      third      today      together  
The U.S. government will shut down over the Christmas period due to a of agreement over funding for the proposed wall along the Mexico . Politicians say it is likely that the closures will continue until after Christmas. It is the government shutdown of the year. U.S. President Donald Trump has promised a "very " government shutdown if Democrats do not fund the border wall. Mr Trump wants the Senate to authorize $5.7 billion to finance the wall, which was of the President's major election in 2016. He said: "I hope we don't, but we are totally prepared for a very long shutdown." He tweeted: "Shutdown if Democrats do not vote for border ."

The shutdown has affected Mr Trump's plans. The White House press secretary Sarah Sanders confirmed this in a . She said: "Due to the shutdown, President Trump will remain in Washington, D.C. and the First Lady will return from Florida so they can spend Christmas ." The shutdown means there is in large parts of the federal government's . Funding has expired for departments that operate national parks, security, law , tax collection and transportation. Around 400,000 federal workers have to stay at without pay until a deal is reached. Many government have been halted until the Senate reaches a .

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