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The U.S. government will [partially / party] shut down over the Christmas period due to a lack of agreement [under / over] funding for the proposed wall along the Mexico border. Politicians say it is [likelihood / likely] that the federal closures will continue [until / for] after Christmas. It is the third government [shut / shutdown] of the year. U.S. President Donald Trump has promised a "very long" government shutdown if Democrats do not [find / fund] the border wall. Mr Trump wants the Senate to [authorize / authority] $5.7 billion to finance the wall, which was [one / once] of the President's major election promises in 2016. He said: "I hope we don't, but we are totally [prepared / prepare] for a very long shutdown." He tweeted: "Shutdown today if Democrats do not [voting / vote] for border security."

The shutdown has [affected / effected] Mr Trump's holiday plans. The White House press secretary Sarah Sanders [conformed / confirmed] this in a statement. She said: "Due [of / to] the shutdown, President Trump will [remain / remnant] in Washington, D.C. and the First Lady will return from Florida so they can [spend / purchase] Christmas together." The shutdown means there is gridlock in [largely / large] parts of the federal government's [operatives / operations] . Funding has expired for departments [that / what] operate national parks, homeland security, law enforcement, tax collection and [transportation / transporting] . Around 400,000 federal workers have to stay at home without pay until a [dealt / deal] is reached. Many government services have been halted until the Senate reaches a deal.

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