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  • Type the correct word in the boxes from the pairs of words [in brackets].
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Despite all the bad and often [depression / depressing] news that filled our televisions, newspapers, radios and news [deeds / feeds] in 2018, there are reports that the year 2019 will [being / be] the best ever. Breaking News English reporters say it will be a [particular / particularly] good year for students of English. The reporters say the year will provide [sample / ample] opportunities to [refine / refinery] and develop your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. The New Year's [revolution / resolution] of all learners of English and other languages should be to exploit the [myriad / mystical] of websites dedicated to language learning. Dedicating just 30 minutes a day will [reap / heap] great rewards in developing vocabulary, fluency and [comprehension / comprehensively] skills.

There are other [reason / reasons] why 2019 will prove to be the best year ever. However, we all need to [pull / push] together and [treaty / treat] each other with love and respect. This year will be the year of good [beads / deeds] and of helping those who are less [fortune / fortunate] than ourselves. It will also be a fantastic year for hobbies. Reporters say the stars [on / in] the sky are aligning to send positive [vibes / bribes] so that we all excel in our hobbies - both existing and new. Financially, we all need to [tighten / tight] our belts so we can weather whatever monetary storms the year might throw up. And finally, we will all be more [healthy / health] conscious and take better care of ourselves. Reporters [purge / urge] us all to exercise more and eat more nutritious food.

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