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China is the nation to land a spacecraft on the far of the moon. A Chinese television announced that the lunar , Chang'e 4, touched down on the moon on Thursday. Professor Zhu Menghua said the of the mission was a milestone for China. He said it means China is a in space exploration. He told reporters: "We Chinese people have done that the Americans have not dared try." Sun Zezhou, designer of Chang'e-4, said: "Landing on the far side of the moon is more than landing on the near side."

The Chang'e-4 sent photographs back to Earth soon after it landed on the moon. China's space said the mission had, "lifted the veil" from the far side of the moon and "opened a chapter in human lunar ". Mr Zezhou spoke about the of the program. He said it would, "help lay the for future space exploration." He added that China would explore the moon, , "and even the solar system". China also has plans to launch a spacecraft (Chang'e 5) by 2020.

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