Gap Fill - Eye tests - Level 1


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   already      better      device      doctor      eye      eyesight      good      hurry      measures      moment      optician      pair      problems      quickly      result      technology      then      us      version      year  
New could replace the optician for tests. A used with a smartphone can test our eyes and tell how bad our is. We can then order a of glasses online. The device is from a company called EyeQue. It has tested 50,000 people. It says the eye test is as as the test from an optician. The device costs just $30. A newer will come out later this . It will cost around $60.

EyeQue said the device was than an optician. It said: "When you go to the eye , it's one in time....The doctor may be in a . [We take] different over time. We...average it out, and we get a better ." The device will not replace the . An optician checks for the device cannot check for. One optician said the EyeQue could find problems more , which an optician could help with.

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