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Saudi teen welcomed as refugee in Canada






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The 18-year-old Saudi asylum seeker who fled Saudi Arabia has been granted asylum by Canada. Rahaf Mohammed arrived at Toronto's International Airport on Saturday. She was greeted by Canada's Foreign Minister, who told reporters: "This is a very brave new Canadian. Rahaf wanted Canadians to see that she has arrived at her new home. She has had a very long and tiring journey and so would prefer not to take questions. She is now going to her new home." Rahaf was all smiles as she was whisked through the airport wearing a hoodie emblazoned with the word "Canada".

Rahaf claims her family want to kill her. She was detained in Bangkok while trying to board a flight to Australia. She appealed for help on Twitter and her story got worldwide attention. The United Nations Commission on Human Rights then gave her refugee status. The decision to grant asylum to Rahaf could worsen relations between Canada and Saudi. Relations are already strained after Canada called for the release of a jailed human rights activist. Saudi suspended new trade with Canada, froze flights to and from Toronto, and cancelled scholarships for Saudi students.

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