Gap Fill - Homes for Sale - Level 4


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   attractive      bargain      because      catch      cities      detox      heritage      idyllic      just      ladder      number      population      property      quickly      red      reserve      time      town      true      woods  
It is a dream come to get on the property . A town called Sambuca in Sicily is selling houses for €1. This is of a decline in its . The of residents is falling because young people are moving to . The mayor says the houses will sell because his town is so . It overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and is close to picturesque beaches. It has a lot of , with cobbled streets and Arabesque architecture.

There is a small to this - the buyer must spend $17,000 on repairing the . The town owns the houses, so there is little tape when buying a house. The deputy mayor said, "you'll get [a house] in no ". He said buyers would love the because it is located in a natural and has gorgeous beaches, and mountains. He said: "It's silent and peaceful - an retreat for a stay."

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