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It sounds like a dream come [truth / true] for anyone looking to get on the property ladder - a home for one euro (about $1.14). A picturesque town on the island of Sicily, Italy is selling houses for [justly / just] €1. The bargain price is to [attractive / attract] people to move to the hilltop town of Sambuca because of a [rapid / rapidly] decline in its population. Like many rural towns in Italy, the number of Sambuca's residents [are / is] dwindling because many young people are [moved / moving] to cities. The Sambuca mayor [beliefs / believes] the houses will be easy to sell because his town is [so / such] attractive. It overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, is close to gorgeous beaches and has [detained / retained] its heritage with its [cobbled / gobbled] streets and Arabesque architecture.

Like all [bargain / bargains] , there is a small [catch / latch] to the one-euro houses - the buyer must promise to spend $17,000 on [reprobating / renovating] the property within three years [of / at] purchasing it. Sambuca's deputy mayor said the houses are [owned / owns] by the town, so there is little of the [white / red] tape normally associated with buying a property. He said: "We're not intermediaries who [liaise / lease] between old and new owners. You want that house, you'll get it in [not / no] time." He promised potential buyers would love the town. He said: "This fertile [batch / patch] of land is dubbed the Earthly Paradise. We're located inside a natural reserve, packed with history. Gorgeous beaches, woods and mountains surround us. It's silent and peaceful - an [idyllic / idiotic] retreat for a detox stay."

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