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The words
The video game Fortnite is [more / most] popular than television, movies and streaming videos among young people. This is according [of / to] the video streaming service Netflix. Gaming is becoming more and more popular with young people [worldly / worldwide] . TV viewing is [become / becoming] less popular. Netflix said Fortnite was [now / know] more of a competitor than HBO - another popular [streaming / streamer] company. Fortnite is much more popular with young men. A [study / sturdy] from the American Economic Association found that between 2015 and 2017, men [aging / aged] between 21 and 30 spent more time [on / in] gaming. Their playing rose from 2.3 hours a day to 4 hours, while time spent [of / on] watching TV, movies or streaming fell.

Netflix said it must do more to [complete / compete] with Fortnite. It said the video game was a big challenge in "the global war for Internet [usages / users'] attention". Netflix said: "We compete with, and lose [of / to] , Fortnite....There are thousands of competitors in this [marketing / market] trying to entertain consumers." Fortnite is [owner / owned] by the company Epic Games. It has over 200 million registered users. More than 80 million people [log / logs] in to play the game each month. Fortnite is [such / so] popular because the game's competitive [version / vision] is free to play. However, other parts of the game [helped / heaped] Epic Games to make $3 billion in profit last year. Epic has plans to build its own app and game store that will be [cheaply / cheaper] than Apple's and Google's.

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