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Germany may put a speed limit on its autobahn highways. The autobahn is 12,996 kilometers long. There is no speed limit for many cars. Some areas like spots that have accidents or roads that are being repaired have a limit. On some parts, there is a suggested speed of 130kph. Germany may put this limit on all parts of the autobahn. It has to meet fuel emission targets set by the EU. It has to cut environmental damage caused by cars that drive fast.

Many drivers are unhappy with a speed limit. They do not want one, even if other countries have one. Politicians say a speed limit will never become law. One politician said a speed limit was not practical. A German newspaper disagreed with any speed limit. It wrote: "Our autobahn roads are a symbol of freedom. 'Tested on German autobahn' is a quality seal. There are enough speed limits." Germany could get fined if it does not cut greenhouse gases.

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