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The words
Germany may put a speed limit on its [world / worldly] famous autobahn network of highways. The autobahn has a total [long / length] of about 12,996 kilometers. There is no speed limit [on / in] it for many types of vehicles. However, there are [limits / limit] in some built-up areas, spots that are accident-prone, or roads that are [under / over] construction or undergoing repairs. On the parts of the network on [what / which] there is no limit, there is an [advisory / advises] speed limit of 130 kilometers per hour (80 mph). Germany's government may now put a speed limit on all parts of the autobahn. This is [because / although] Germany has to meet fuel emission targets [set / let] by the European Union. It wants to reduce the damage [did / done] to the environment by cars that drive fast.

Many drivers in Germany are unhappy with a [possibly / possible] speed limit on the autobahn. They do not want the 130kph limit, even [throughout / though] that is normal in other EU countries. Some [politicians / politics] say the proposed speed limit will never [get / got] passed in Germany's government. One politician, Ulrich Lange, said: "I don't think the [suggestion / suggest] of a speed limit is practical." One of Germany's best-selling newspapers Bild Zeitung [disagreed / disagree] with the speed limit. It wrote: "Our autobahn roads are a [cymbal / symbol] of freedom. 'Tested on German autobahn' is a quality [peal / seal] . There are enough speed limits." Germany could face big EU [fined / fines] if it does not reduce [that / its] greenhouse gas emissions.

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