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move be want be visit open move stay use go
move disturb put think catch move lose tell say break
Workers in India are over 300 crocodiles from their home because they too near a new tourist sight. Officials in India's state of Gujarat to move the crocs because they could a danger to tourists the new Statue of Unity. The statue to the public last October. It is 182m high and is the tallest statue in the world. It is next to a reservoir, which is also home to many crocodiles. Tourism officials want the giant reptiles so seaplanes for tourists can land on the reservoir. If the crocodiles , they could be dangerous and attack tourists. Officials are cages to catch the animals. Some of them are over 3m long. They are to a new home in another part of Gujarat.

Animal lovers are angry that people are the crocodiles. Dr Jitendra Gavali said: "The government is their habitat and their lives at risk. The government hasn't out where it will release the captured crocodiles safely." So far, only 17 of the animals have been and moved. The editor of the environmental magazine 'Sanctuary Asia', Bittu Sahgal, said the idea to the crocodiles was crazy. He tweeted: "Have we collectively our minds? As any environmentalist will you, this is sheer insanity." Indian journalist and activist Pritish Nandy moving the crocodiles could India's wildlife protection laws. An official said the crocodiles had to go for "security reasons".

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