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The words
Workers in India are [moving / moved] over 300 crocodiles from their home because they are too near a new tourist [slight / sight] . Officials in India's state of Gujarat want to move the crocs because they could be a danger to tourists [visit / visiting] the new Statue of Unity. The statue opened to the public last October. It is 182m high and is the tallest statue [on / in] the world. It is next to a reservoir, which is also [house / home] to many crocodiles. Tourism officials want the [giant / giants] reptiles moved so seaplanes for tourists can [land / ground] on the reservoir. If the crocodiles stayed, they could be [dangerous / endanger] and attack tourists. Officials are using cages to [catch / patch] the animals. Some of them are over 3m long. They are going to a new home in another [partner / part] of Gujarat.

Animal [lovers / loves] are angry that people are moving the crocodiles. Dr Jitendra Gavali said: "The government is disturbing [there / their] habitat and putting their lives [on / at] risk. The government hasn't thought [out / in] where it will release the captured crocodiles safely." So [afar / far] , only 17 of the animals have been caught and moved. The [edition / editor] of the environmental magazine 'Sanctuary Asia', Bittu Sahgal, said the [ideal / idea] to move the crocodiles was crazy. He tweeted: "Have we collectively lost our minds? As any environmentalist will tell you, this is [sheer / steer] insanity." Indian journalist and [activism / activist] Pritish Nandy said moving the crocodiles could break India's wildlife protection laws. An official said the crocodiles had to go for "security [reasons / reason] ".

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