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Deadly polar vortex freezes mid-America






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It is freezing cold in a lot of America, from the north to the south. It is colder than in Antarctica. The cold is because of a polar vortex - freezing air and wind from the Arctic. This hasn't happened for decades. There is a state of emergency in Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan. Many schools and businesses have closed because of the cold. People were told not to travel. They were told not to go outside or breathe the icy air.

The temperature in a part of Minnesota fell to -60º Celsius. Parts of the Chicago River, Lake Michigan and Niagara Falls turned to ice. The weather is responsible for the deaths of eight people. Health officials told people to go outside only if necessary. Letting freezing air get on the skin can be dangerous. It could lead to breathing problems. Shoveling snow can be dangerous. People should also be careful of snow and ice falling from the roof.

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