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The airplane [maker / marker] Airbus has announced plans to [case / cease] production of its A380 aircraft. The iconic A380 is the world's largest passenger airplane and has been [in / it] service for 12 years. When it was launched, it was heralded as the future [off / of] aviation. However, changes in the demands of passengers mean the days of [tiny / giant] , four-engine passenger planes are over. Airbus decided to [shout / call] a halt to production of the 544-seat A380 due to [weaker / weaken] than expected sales. The nail in the coffin was when the Dubai-based Emirates Airline cut its A380 [order / aid] by 39 planes. Airbus said it would stop building the A380 in 2021. This will result [on / in] significant job losses at companies [linked / liked] to the plane's manufacture.

The A380 embarked on its inaugural [fly / flight] in April 2005 to great fanfare. Then British Prime Minister Tony Blair [called / call] the giant jet a "symbol of economic strength". His Spanish [counterpart / country] called the plane "the realization of a [drum / dream] ". The plane was designed to combat congestion at airports by [reduced / reducing] the number of planes needed in the [skies / spies] . However, booming air travel has generated a [height / higher] demand for twin-engine planes that can fly non-stop to [where / what] people want to travel. Giant, four-engine jets usually require passengers to transit at [shrub / hub] airports. An Emirates spokesperson said the A380 was a "passenger magnet" that was misunderstood and badly marketed by [another / other] airlines.

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