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A 19-year-old woman ran away from the U.K. to join ISIS has been stripped of British citizenship. Shamima Begum left London in 2015 she was 15 to live in the Islamic State. The U.K. said that who joined ISIS was a terrorist and had no to a British passport. Ms Begum was found in a refugee in Syria earlier this week. British newspapers and TV stations interviewed her. She spoke of her to return to her home in London. She gave to her third child days after the interviews. Her first two babies died from . Shamima got married to an ISIS fighter weeks after reaching Syria. She said she enjoyed life in the IS as a housewife.

Under international , the U.K. cannot take away anyone's if that person becomes stateless. The U.K. said Ms Begum is a citizen of Bangladesh because her mother was born . However, Bangladesh's ministry of foreign said Ms Begum is not a Bangladeshi . It said there is "no " of her being allowed into the country. Bangladesh is " concerned" that the U.K. has called her a Bangladeshi national. Ms Begum said she only has "one citizenship". She said: "I wasn't born in Bangladesh, I've seen how can they claim I have Bangladeshi ?" The U.K. said Ms Begum's could still be British.

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