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grow take protest hold act rise congratulate calll write wag
School children around the world have been on strike. They unhappy that their governments are doing too little to climate change. The strikes part of a growing international movement called School Strike for Climate. Instead of to school, students across the globe have been classes to take part in street protests. Many of the protests have been outside government buildings. The movement in August 2018 when Swedish student Greta Thunberg outside Sweden's government every Friday. She held a sign that read: "School strike for climate". Photos of her viral on social media. Students organized themselves and Ms Thunberg's actions.

The movement is worldwide. In 2019, strikes have place across Europe, North America and Australia. Over 45,000 students on one day in Switzerland and Germany. Students have banners reading, "Why learn without a future?" "If you do not as adults, we will" and "Like the sea level, we ." The first worldwide strike will take place on March 15. Many scientists, politicians and teachers the students for their activism. However, not everyone is on the students' side. Australia's leader for "more learning in schools and less activism". A journalist in the U.K. : "If children really must their fingers at older generations for some imaginary sin, I wish they'd do it at the weekend."

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