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The words
School children around the world have been going [in / on] strike. They are unhappy that their governments are [done / doing] too little to fight climate change. The strikes are [party / part] of a growing international movement called School Strike for Climate. Instead [of / for] going to school, students across the [globe / global] have been skipping classes to take part in street [protests / protestors] . Many of the protests have been outside government buildings. The movement [begins / began] in August 2018 when Swedish student Greta Thunberg stood outside Sweden's government [always / every] Friday. She held a sign that read: "School strike for climate". Photos of her went [viral / virus] on social media. Students organized themselves and copied Ms Thunberg's [actions / actioned] .

The movement is [grown / growing] worldwide. In 2019, strikes have taken place [across / crossing] Europe, North America and Australia. Over 45,000 students protested on [one / once] day in Switzerland and Germany. Students have [holding / held] banners reading, "Why learn without a future?" "If you do not act as adults, we will" and "Like the sea level, we [arise / rise] ." The first worldwide strike will take place on March 15. Many scientists, [political / politicians] and teachers congratulated the students for their [activism / activist] . However, not everyone is on the students' [edge / side] . Australia's leader called for "more learning in schools and [fewer / less] activism". A journalist in the U.K. wrote: "If children really must wag their fingers at older generations for some imaginary [sin / son] , I wish they'd do it at the weekend."

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