Speed Reading — Yemen Aid Appeal - Level 4 — 300 wpm 

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The UN has an appeal to raise $4.2 billion in humanitarian aid for Yemen. It is the UN's largest ever appeal. Yemen has been ruined by years of war. The UN wants to help 19 million people in the war-torn nation. Nearly 250,000 Yemenis are malnourished and are close to starving. Around 80 per cent need urgent help and protection. A spokesperson said the suffering of people has reached a scale not seen in living memory.

The UN finally got access to food in warehouses in the port of Hudaydah. This can feed around 3.7 million people for a month. The port was cut off by heavy fighting. The UN worried the food was at risk of rotting. Government forces and Houthi rebels could leave the city soon. The UN said: "It has really been a horrific year for millions...who are literally balancing on the edge of famine and starvation. They need massive amounts of aid."

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