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   about      after      between      by      by      down      for      for      for      in      inside      of      of      of      of      on      on      on      on      out      over      since  
Tensions are growing India and Pakistan. Many people are worried that the two nuclear-armed countries are heading war. Pakistan carried air raids and shot two Indian military jets Wednesday. They captured an Indian fighter pilot. He is now being held Pakistan's Army. This happened a day Indian warplanes dropped bombs Pakistani territory. India said it was bombing a terrorist base linked to the suicide car bombing February 14 that killed at least 40 Indian police officers Indian-controlled Kashmir. It is the first time Indian warplanes have struck Pakistan a war in 1971. Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan has called for peace talks.

Pakistan closed its airspace Wednesday because the tensions. Several international airlines have suspended flights to Pakistan and to some parts India. Airlines that fly India and Pakistan to Europe, the Middle East, and Asia had to re-route flights to avoid the region. Aviation expert Mark Martin said 800 flights a day use the India-Pakistan air corridor. He said it was "very critical" airlines. He added: "You can't fly over China, so you have to fly over Pakistan and India and go to Southeast Asia and Australia. Most the traffic destined Bangkok and Singapore will have to fly over Iran and then possibly take a detour." Thousands passengers were stranded the crisis.

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