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The words
Tensions are [grown / growing] between India and Pakistan. Many people are worried that the two nuclear-armed countries are [facing / heading] for war. Pakistan carried [in / out] air raids and shot down two Indian military jets on Wednesday. They [captured / catapulted] an Indian fighter pilot. He is now [being / been] held by Pakistan's Army. This happened a day after Indian warplanes [dropped / fell] bombs on Pakistani territory. India said it was bombing a terrorist [base / bases] linked to the suicide car bombing on February 14 that killed [at / as] least 40 Indian police officers in Indian-controlled Kashmir. It is the first time Indian warplanes have [stuck / struck] inside Pakistan since a war in 1971. Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan has called for peace [talks / talk] .

Pakistan closed its [airspace / space] on Wednesday because of the [tenses / tensions] . Several international airlines have [suspected / suspended] flights to Pakistan and to some [parts / partners] of India. Airlines that fly over India and Pakistan to Europe, the [Middle / Center] East, and Asia had to re-route flights to avoid the [reign / region] . Aviation expert Mark Martin said about 800 flights a day use the India-Pakistan air [corridor / lobby] . He said it was "very critical" for airlines. He added: "You can't fly over China, so you have to fly over Pakistan and India and go to Southeast Asia and Australia. Most of the traffic [destiny / destined] for Bangkok and Singapore will have to fly over Iran and then possibly take a [detour / detox] ." Thousands of passengers were stranded [by / of] the crisis.

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