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The World Wide Web is thirty years old. Its inventor has written about it on the 30th anniversary. He was worried about how people are using the Internet and its two billion websites. He is concerned about the future of the Web. He wrote that he knew many people felt unsure about whether the Web was "a force for good". He believes it can be and that it can empower billions of people. He believes governments and companies must build a better Internet. He said: "If we give up on building a better Web now, then the Web will not have failed us. We will have failed the Web."

The inventor had three main worries about the World Wide Web. He said it was a "mirror of humanity" where "you will see good and bad". The first worry was criminal behavior, like hacking and online harassment. Governments must pass laws to keep people safe. A second worry is how social media spreads misinformation, especially fake news. Many people were tricked during the 2016 US presidential election and the UK Brexit vote. A final worry is about people's privacy. The inventor stressed the importance of fighting for a better and safer Web. He wants it to be free to use.

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