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   already      bones      display      ecosystem      footprints      fossils      hope      huge      kilometers      mammals      museum      picture      place      rare      sea      species      team      them      there      things  
A dinosaur dig called Mission Jurassic will take in the USA. Scientists who study will go . It is at a site called the Jurassic Mile, which is 2.6 square in size. Scientists from the USA, England and Holland will join the . They will try to find from the Jurassic Era, 150 million years ago. Scientists found many interesting . They include dinosaur , plant fossils and Diplodocus bones.

The bones will go on at the world's largest children's . A co-leader of the dig said: "The is to of dinosaurs and the animals and plants that lived around ." A museum professor said: "This site offers a opportunity to build a of what the real Jurassic would have looked like 150 million years ago." He hopes to find fossils from plants, crocodiles, , lizards and life.

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