Speed Reading — Hip-Hop - Level 4 — 200 wpm

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Scientists found a link between music and how cheese matures. A top cheese-maker and researchers from a Swiss university did a six-month test to see how music affects the maturing of cheese. The matured cheese was assessed by the researchers and some cheese experts. They all said that the cheese that was played hip-hop had a stronger aroma and flavor than other samples. They said the hip-hop cheese was the tastiest.

The experiment was called "Cheese in Surround Sound". Sound waves were directed at different cheeses in a non-stop musical loop for six months. The music included classical, rock, hip-hop and techno. A researcher explained that: "Bacteria are responsible for the formation of the taste of cheese [and] influence its maturity....Humidity, temperature or nutrients are not the only things that influence taste....Music can also have physical effects."

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