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Hidden camera in hotel room films family






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A family were shocked when they stayed at a hotel. There was a hidden camera in their room. It was live-streaming them. The father was an IT security worker. He knew about wifi networks. He scanned the hotel's network and saw a device called "IP camera". This was not his or his wife's. He became suspicious. He said: "I could see the live-stream video of myself. I had this horrible feeling that we were being watched."

The man found the camera in a smoke detector in the ceiling. He complained to Airbnb but got no advice. He said Airbnb did not think the hidden camera was a problem. Airbnb later said this was a mistake and apologized. It said the privacy of its guests was very important. It does not allow hidden cameras in its hotels. Hidden cameras are becoming a problem worldwide. Last year, two men were arrested for secretly filming 1,600 guests in hotels in Korea.

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