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Police arrest 1,000 Extinction Rebellion protestors






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London police arrested over 1,000 protestors last week for bringing the city's busiest areas to a standstill. Protestors blocked bridges and roads. They are part of the Extinction Rebellion - a movement focused on getting the UK to call climate change a global emergency. It has three demands: for the government to "tell the truth about climate change"; to cut carbon emissions to zero by 2025; and to create a citizens' assembly.

Sweden's 16-year-old activist and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Greta Thunberg talked to the UK's political parties. She told them that the future of the world's children had been "sold so that a small number of people can make unimaginable amounts of money". She said they didn't listen to the science because they only want to "carry on as if nothing has happened". One Extinction Rebellion supporter said: "Civil disobedience [shows] this is an emergency."

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Extinction Rebellion - Level 5  |  Extinction Rebellion - Level 6

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