Gap Fill - Japanese Emperor - Level 2


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   because      ceremony      diplomat      disasters      duties      emperor      first      historic      new      oldest      personal      recently      sacred      scares      seals      smartphones      son      thousands      throne      two  
Japan's has abdicated for the time in 200 years. Emperor Akihito stepped down from the on April 30. He was emperor for 30 years. His Crown Prince Naruhito is the new emperor. Akihito stepped down of his health. He is 85 and has been slowing down . He has also had some health . He thinks his son is better able to carry out the of emperor. Emperor Akihito will be remembered for his touch with his people after many national . He always visited people after earthquakes, tsunami and other disasters.

Emperor Naruhito, 59, became the 126th emperor of the world's monarchy. He spent years at Oxford University. His wife, the Empress Masako, studied at Harvard University. She was a . A ceremony took place in which Naruhito received a sword, a jewel and official that date back of years. The took place in the middle of a Japanese holiday that was extended to ten days to celebrate the new emperor. Millions of Japanese watched the event on their TVs and .

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