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The words
Garbage collectors in the Turkish capital Ankara are [recycled / recycling] the books they find in the trash. They have created [the / a] mobile library. The library is full of books that people have [thrown / throwing] away. There are now over 9,000 books on the library's [shelves / shelved] . The books are divided into over 20 categories, including politics, philosophy, [dramatic / drama] , thrillers, romance, history, literature, healthy living and economics. The library is [onside / inside] a truck that tours schools [in / on] the suburbs of Ankara. The garbage collectors hope to create a greater [passionate / passion] for reading books in children, especially [in / on] the age of mobile phones and tablets. Many schools do not have a [read / reading] room or their own library.

The library has got a lot of [attended / attention] in Turkey. There is now a campaign for it to grow. People from all over Turkey are [sending / sent] their unwanted or [old / olden] books to the garbage collectors. The director of the library said: "The interest is growing. Each day we have guests [come / coming] here to borrow books or have a quite time to read." A worker at the [mobile / mobility] library said: "We have books here for children aged from six to ten, but also books for older children, like world [classics / classic] and fiction novels. We hope that it will [amuse / amusement] them and [rise / arouse] a passion for books." Turkey currently has just [once / one] public library for every 70,000 people, [compared / comparison] to one for every 6,200 people in the European Union.

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