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announce start be face be change mean buy say lead
import come be import stand get start hoard limit be
Cuba's government has that it is the rationing of food and other basic products. Cuba's Commerce Minister, Betsy Diaz Velazquez, said beans, chicken, eggs, rice, soap and other goods would rationed. She said Cuba is a serious economic crisis. There many shortages of food and other things in Cuba. Ms Velazquez said this was because the USA has how it is trading with Cuba. Velazquez said the U.S. trade embargo it is very difficult for Cuba to a lot of food. However, many economists there is a bigger reason for the shortages - the cut in fuel aid from Venezuela. The crisis in Venezuela has to a two-thirds cut in shipments of cheap fuel to Cuba.

Cuba about two-thirds of its food from other countries. A lot of this used to from the USA. Cuba spent about $2 billion a year on importing food. The US embargo and the crisis in Venezuela means it difficult for Cuba to food. The shelves of many stores and supermarkets are empty. Many people have to in long lines when shops a food delivery. The government has rationing to stop people hoarding food. If people buy too much of one thing and then it, there is less food for others. One store in the capital city Havana people to just four packets of powdered milk, four packs of sausages and five packets of peas per person. One shopper said life "tough".

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