Gap Fill - Oil Tanker Attacks - Level 4


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   accusations      allies      assault      clearly      fifth      forces      high      important      mines      near      owner      proof      responsible      ships      some      suspicious      them      truth      two      vessels  
Tensions are after attacks on oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman. The USA is blaming Iran. The were hit the strategically Strait of Hormuz, which divides Iran and the United Arab Emirates. Ships carry about a of the world's oil through it. The US said Iran was behind the "blatant ". It said the US would defend its against "Iranian aggression". However, it gave no that Iran was .

The US says the tankers were hit by . It showed a video of supposed Iranian removing a mine from one of the . Iran called the attacks "". Its navy is investigating . Iran said the US were "unfounded" and "Iranophobic". The Japanese of one of the tankers said kind of missile, not a mine, hit his ship. The UN said the needed to be " established".

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