Gap Fill - Libra Crypto-currency - Level 4


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   ambitious      apps      backing      basket      details      entry      fortunes      history      initiatives      low      one      payments      plan      profitable      stable      streams      users      value      well      world  
Facebook will reveal of an plan for its new global crypto-currency, named Libra. A white paper will outline the . It will be the social network's into the financial services market. Millions of people around the who have no bank account will use it, as as around 2.7 billion Facebook users. People will send and receive online via Facebook-owned . The sending fees will be very .

Analysts say Libra will be more than Bitcoin. It will avoid the fluctuations in that Bitcoin experiences. Libra will be backed by a of major currencies. It will also have the of multi-national companies like Mastercard. Libra could increase Facebook's . A finance company said Libra could be of "the most important " in Facebook's . It could bring many new and "generate new revenue ".

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