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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is expected to [veil / unveil] details of an [ambitious / ambition] plan for his company to create a new global crypto-currency. A white paper [outlines / streamlines] a plan that is designed to create a new global currency. It will represent the [sentry / entry] of the social network site into the [lucrative / laxative] financial services market. The crypto-currency is called Libra. Facebook said it is [aimed / aims] at the millions of people around the world [whose / who] cannot get a bank account. Libra will [allow / allowance] people to send and receive payments anywhere in the world with minimal [pays / fees] . The banking will be done online via the myriad of Facebook-owned apps. The 2.7 billion users of Facebook and WhatsApp will have [access / excess] to the Libra crypto-currency.

Analysts say Libra has some [stimulation / similarities] to the Bitcoin crypto-currency. However, a [majority / major] difference is that Libra will be a more [stable / staple] currency and will avoid the [wildly / wild] fluctuations in value that Bitcoin has experienced. Libra will be backed up by a basket of currencies, such [was / as] the dollar, euro and yen. It will also have the [backing / forwarding] of major multi-national companies like Mastercard, PayPal, Spotify and Uber. The new crypto-currency could revitalize Facebook's [fortunes / fortunate] . The finance company RBC Capital Markets said: "We believe Libra may [evidence / prove] to be one of the most important initiatives [in / on] the history of the company, to unlock new engagement and generate new revenue [canals / streams] ."

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