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The words
Wildlife experts have discovered an [unusual / unusually] animal that they believe could be a new species. The animal was found on the French island of Corsica. The [expertise / experts] showed reporters a "cat-fox" that they had [captured / ruptured] in the mountains of Corsica. The experts said they found a group of sixteen cat-foxes in a remote [arena / area] of Corsica. The captured cat-fox [measure / measured] nearly 90 centimeters in length from head to [tail / tale] . The creature has very wide ears, short whiskers and a [thick / thicken] coat. It also has stripes on its front legs. Gilles Simeoni, a local government official, [thank you / thanked] the wildlife team for finding the cat-fox. He said: "It's a wonderful [discover / discovery] ." He added that Corsica was a "paradise of animal and [plant / planet] biodiversity".

The cat-fox has been [taken / talked] about by local people in Corsica for decades. It had become a [myth / mythical] creature with farmers, who tell [stories / stores] about seeing it. Corsicans are now happy and [pride / proud] that their island is [home / house] to a new species of animal. Scientists believe that the cat comes from a little-known species that could [that / have] originated in Africa and the Middle East thousands of years [age / ago] . It is largely a nocturnal animal. One scientist said the cat-fox could have been [brought / bringing] to Corsica as far back as 6500BC. Another scientist said: "By [looked / looking] at its DNA, we could tell it apart from the European wildcat. It's close to the African forest cat, but its [extinct / exact] identity is still to be determined."

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