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Wildlife have discovered an unusual animal that they believe could be a species. The animal was found on the French of Corsica. The experts showed reporters a "cat-fox" that they had captured in the mountains of Corsica. The experts said they found a of sixteen cat-foxes in a area of Corsica. The captured cat-fox measured 90 centimeters in length from head to . The creature has very wide ears, short whiskers and a thick coat. It also has on its front legs. Gilles Simeoni, a local government official, thanked the wildlife for finding the cat-fox. He said: "It's a wonderful discovery." He added that Corsica was a "paradise of animal and biodiversity".

The cat-fox has been talked about by local in Corsica for . It had become a mythical with farmers, who tell stories about seeing it. Corsicans are now happy and that their island is home to a new species of animal. Scientists believe that the cat comes from a little-known species that could have originated in Africa and the East thousands of ago. It is largely a animal. One scientist said the cat-fox could have been brought to Corsica as far back as 6500BC. Another scientist said: "By looking at its , we could tell it apart from the European wildcat. It's to the African forest cat, but its exact identity is to be determined."

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