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The words
Holland's national railway company is going to compensate [victim / victims] of the Holocaust. World War II [ended / ends] over 70 years ago, but the Dutch railway has [decision / decided] to give compensation to people who were [taken / taking] to Nazi concentration camps on their trains. The company is [knowing / known] as NS. After Germany [invasion / invaded] Holland in 1940, NS trains transported thousands of Jews and other minorities to Nazi [dead / death] camps. By the end of 1943, most Jews in the Netherlands had been [removal / removed] and deported. Seven decades later, NS will pay tens of millions of euros to about 500 [survivors / survives] and to members of their direct family. The company will pay between 5,000 euros to 15,000 euros to [each / all] victim.

The company said the [payments / pays] were part of the company's historical responsibility. It said the company was paid by the Nazis to [take / taken] the victims to the [bordered / border] . They victims were put on German trains and taken to concentration [camp / camps] . A spokesman said this was "a black page [in / on] the history of the company". He added: "There is no reasonable or appropriate [volumes / amount] of money that we can pay to compensate in [many / any] way for the suffering inflicted on the victims." The committee said the payments [were / was] "a moral gesture". It added: "NS wishes to express the recognition of its [shave / share] in the individual suffering inflicted by the occupying forces on those [involved / revolved] and their direct surviving relatives."

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