Speed Reading — Alexa - Level 1 — 200 wpm 

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Technology is helping us more with healthcare. We can now ask the digital device Alexa about our health. Alexa is a virtual assistant from Amazon. It listens to and answers questions. It can talk to people, make to-do lists, play music, and tell us the latest news. Now it can give health advice. Amazon teamed up with the UK's National Health Service (NHS). Alexa will search the NHS website for information and give answers that are agreed on by doctors.

The UK said it was great that people can get good advice from their home, and that it would reduce the pressure on doctors. It wants to let patients take more control of their health. Not everyone likes the new health function. Some people say we must be careful about using Alexa for health advice and should see a doctor for serious health problems. Other people are worried about hacking. A privacy group said Alexa is, "a data protection disaster waiting to happen".

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