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Relations [between / among] the USA and Turkey have [scoured / soured] following the purchase by Turkey of a Russian missile defense system. Turkey received the [fast / first] deliveries of the Russian-made S-400 missile defense system on Friday. The USA had warned Turkey not to buy defense [equipment / equip] from Russia. The USA and Turkey are both [alliance / allies] in NATO - a defense organization created in 1949 to [count / counter] any possible military [aggression / aggressive] by Russia. NATO consists of 29 North American and European [nations / nationals] . The USA has the biggest military among the [remember / member] states. In recent years, Turkey has been establishing closer [ties / tries] with Russia. This has caused security concerns for the USA and other NATO member countries.

The U.S. has [warned / waned] Turkey it will face economic sanctions if it goes ahead and [stalls / installs] the S-400 defense system. It also said Turkey would not be allowed to [pay / play] any part in a program to manufacture the USA's high-tech F-35 [fighter / fighting] jets. The U.S. wants Turkey to buy its Patriot missile defense system [instead / rather] . U.S. officials argue the Russian system would be incompatible [on / with] NATO systems and would expose F-35 fighter jets to [possible / possibly] Russian subterfuge. Turkey said the S-400 would not be integrated into NATO systems and would not [poser / pose] a threat to the NATO alliance. Turkey's president said the decision to purchase the S-400 system did not [mean / meant] it is seeking "alternatives" in its relations [to / with] the West.

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