Speed Reading — Salmon - Level 1 — 100 wpm

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Rescuers are working to move thousands of salmon to safety. The salmon are trapped in a river in Canada. They got trapped after a landslide. Now the salmon cannot swim upriver to lay their eggs. Conservationists are looking at how to help the fish. They decided to fly the fish to the other side of the landslide by helicopter. The fish can then swim upriver to breed. Rescuers are "working around the clock" to help the salmon.

If the fish do not lay their eggs, the salmon population will fall to dangerously low levels. This will affect the way of life of many of Canada's First Nations people. They need the salmon for food. Salmon has played an important role in their culture and traditions for hundreds of years. Rescuers are looking at other ways to help the fish. Three million salmon want to swim north, so rescuers need other ways to help the fish.

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