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The words
A team of rescuers [is / are] working hard to help airlift thousands of salmon in Canada [to / on] safety. The salmon are trapped in a section of the Fraser River in British Columbia, Canada. They have been [trapping / trapped] in that part of the river [since / for] a landslide in June. The landslide blocked off the [section / selection] of the river, which meant the salmon could not swim upstream to spawn [lie / lay] their eggs). Rescuers and conservationists have spent several weeks looking at [weighs / ways] to help the fish. They decided the best way was to fly the fish to the [another / other] side of the fallen rocks by helicopter. The fish will then be free to swim up to their [breeding / bleeding] ground. Rescuers have been "working around the [watch / clock] " to help the salmon.

Conservationists [warm / warn] that if the fish cannot lay their eggs, the entire [local / locally] salmon population will be at [risky / risk] . Future numbers of the fish will drop to [dangerously / dangerous] low levels. This would have an impact on many of Canada's First Nations indigenous people. They need the salmon for food and for cultural [reason / reasons] . Salmon play an important role in [much / many] traditional ceremonies of people who have lived along the Fraser River for hundreds of years. Their way of [life / live] will continue [pleases / thanks] to the rescuers' help. The rescuers are also looking at other ways to help the fish. One said: "We [expect / accept] over three million salmon to migrate north of that rockslide. With [that / those] number of fish, you have to find alternate methods."

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