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A of rescuers is working hard to help airlift thousands of salmon in Canada to . The salmon are trapped in a section of the Fraser River in British Columbia, Canada. They have been trapped in that of the river since a landslide in June. The landslide blocked off the section of the river, which meant the salmon could not swim to spawn (lay their ). Rescuers and conservationists have spent weeks looking at ways to help the fish. They decided the best was to fly the fish to the other side of the fallen by helicopter. The fish will then be free to swim up to their ground. Rescuers have been "working around the " to help the salmon.

Conservationists warn that if the fish cannot lay their eggs, the local salmon population will be at . Future numbers of the fish will drop to low levels. This would have an on many of Canada's First Nations people. They need the salmon for food and for cultural . Salmon play an important role in many traditional ceremonies of people who have lived along the Fraser River for of years. Their way of life will continue thanks to the rescuers' . The rescuers are also looking at other ways to help the fish. One said: "We expect over three million [salmon] to migrate of that rockslide. With that number of fish, you have to find methods."

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