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The words
A dentist in Chennai, India has [removal / removed] 526 miniature teeth from the mouth of a seven-year-old boy. The boy [complaint / complained] to his mother that he had toothaches. She took the boy to a dentist, who found the boy had [hundred / hundreds] of tiny teeth in a sac (a small, empty space) inside the boy's jaw. The sac was [nearly / near] the molar area at the back of the jaw. Professor Pratibha Ramani, the [head / foot] of a dental department at the hospital, [speaking / spoke] to reporters about the [surgery / sugary] the little boy had. She told reporters: "The teeth were of [vary / variable] sizes that ranged from the smallest at 0.1mm to the largest at 3mm. They all had a small [tiara / crown] , enamel and a small root." She said the boy suffered from a very [rare / bare] dental problem.

The operation to remove the [tinny / tiny] teeth from the boy's jaw took over five hours. Professor Ramani spoke about how her [team / club] of surgeons removed the teeth. She said: "We had to [drill / drilling] down into the top of the [lawyer / lower] jaw, make a window and [removal / remove] the sac." She added: "As the sac was going deeper into the tissue, the size of the teeth was [became / becoming] very small." Despite having over 500 teeth in his jaw, the boy did not suffer [the / a] lot of pain. Ms Ramani said: "We had to take a lot of counseling [passions / sessions] with him for him to undergo surgery. We have a very good counseling team who have [experts / expertise] in dealing with kids." The boy now has 21 teeth. He is doing well and is no [longer / longing] in pain.

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