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Hong Kong's Carrie Lam has voiced her about the ongoing protests taking in Hong Kong. She said the public disorder is disrupting in the city and is pushing it to "the of an extremely dangerous situation". Her came after the city was hit with more street demonstrations in which protestors fought with police for the ninth weekend in a . The current protests also saw a citywide strike and considerable disruption to roads and transport . Hong Kong was brought to a on Monday morning as streets were blocked and 200 flights were cancelled. Demonstrators ensured trains could not move by keeping their doors open, angering many .

The protests began in March against a proposed to allow people to be extradited to stand trial in China. They have since developed into for greater democracy. On July 1st, hundreds of protesters stormed the Hong Kong building after breaking through glass walls and doors. They caused damage inside by spray-painting and defacing flags and paintings. A government spokesperson strongly condemned the latest demonstrators. He said: "Their has blatantly offended the state and national dignity, wantonly trampled on the line of the 'one country, two systems' principle, and greatly hurt the of the entire Chinese people."

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