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Hong Kong's leader Carrie Lam has [versed / voiced] her concerns about the ongoing protests [taking / taken] place in Hong Kong. She said the public disorder is [enrapturing / disrupting] life in the city and is pushing it to "the [verge / verse] of an extremely dangerous situation". Her comments came after the city was hit [with / within] more street demonstrations in which protestors fought with police for the ninth weekend in a [column / row] . The current protests also saw a citywide [strike / hit] and considerable disruption to roads and transport systems. Hong Kong was brought to a [standstill / stood still] on Monday morning as streets were blocked and 200 flights were [cancels / cancelled] . Demonstrators ensured trains could not move by keeping their doors open, [angering / angered] many passengers.

The protests began in March against a [proposition / proposed] bill to allow people to be extradited to stand [trail / trial] in mainland China. They have since developed [onto / into] calls for greater democracy. On July 1st, hundreds of protesters [thundered / stormed] the Hong Kong legislature building after breaking through glass walls and [mental / metal] doors. They caused damage inside by spray-painting slogans and [defacing / faced] flags and paintings. A central government spokesperson strongly [concerned / condemned] the latest demonstrators. He said: "Their conduct has blatantly offended the state and national [dignify / dignity] , wantonly trampled on the bottom line of the 'one country, two systems' [principle / principal] , and greatly hurt the [feelings / feeling] of the entire Chinese people."

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