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   ago      biggest      bones      endangered      environment      ever      extinct      famous      flightless      fossils      fruit      leg      many      other      other      parrot      symbol      tall      twice      yet  
Scientists found fossilised from the biggest parrot that lived. It was a metre and weighed around eight kilograms. The were in New Zealand. Researchers called the Hercules. They studied the bones and said Hercules was the size of all parrots. The largest parrot scientists know about is the kakapo. This is a bird that also lives in New Zealand. The kakapo is very .

New Zealand is for its birds. The kiwi is its national . Kiwis could become endangered if their does not change. The 3.6-metre-tall moa also came from New Zealand. These flightless birds were the birds that ever lived. They became 600 years . Hercules lived 19 million years ago. It ate nuts, and seeds, and parrots. A researcher said: "There are more unexpected species to be discovered."

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