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Lebanon's only English-language daily newspaper published an [addition / edition] on Thursday without any news. The Daily Star printed a newspaper that contained largely [blink / blank] , white pages. The front page [simple / simply] said "Lebanon". The inside pages [contents / contained] a single banner highlighting the current [ills / pills] the paper deems the country is [suffering / suffered] from, and the back page had a photo of a cedar tree (Lebanon's national symbol) with a [traction / caption] reading: "Wake up before it's [too / not] late." The newspaper explained why it had not put any news on its pages, saying it had, "[refrained / retrained] from publishing news articles in its print edition" to protest against the country's deteriorating economy and [politically / political] situation.

The Daily Star's editor-in-chief, Nadim Ladki, spoke to reporters at CNN about the [rational / rationale] for the protest publication. She said: "The aim is to [peel / ring] the alarm bells about all the [challenges / challenger] that our country is facing and to [urge / purge] everyone in Lebanon to work towards resolving these [crisis / crises] ." She added that she was, "calling on politicians and everyone to [repel / pull] together". Some of the headlines on the inside pages read: "Government [deadlock / dreadlock] ," "Pollution at alarming levels," and "Public debt [close / closed] to $100 million". Other woes highlighted included government unemployment and [illegally / illegal] weapons flooding the country. Ms Ladki said: "It's enough that people [have / take] notice of these problems and think."

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