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Have you ever to go on a luxury cruise? The cruise of a lifetime sail from London on Sunday. It could the Guinness World Record for the longest cruise ever. It is the Ultimate World Cruise. The 245-day voyage will visit 51 countries on six continents. The cruise ship Viking Sun will at 111 ports as it all the way around the world. The chairman of Viking said: "For more than 20 years we have been to connecting travelers to...experiences that them to the world in comfort. Our Ultimate World Cruise is the most extensive itinerary available in the industry....I am pleased to such a unique experience for our guests."

The luxury cruise isn't cheap. The 930 passengers have a minimum of $81,000 each to around the world. Even at this price, all tickets have been . Guests will be able to in luxury while on the high seas. The ship has eight restaurants that 245 different menus - a different menu for every day of the cruise. Guest chefs will special menus to the destination. A Viking spokesman said: "There is more food than you can ever . But we also a wellness theme throughout the cruise, so you can after your nutrition." The ship also has two swimming pools, a Nordic spa, and a snow grotto where snowflakes fall from the ceiling.

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