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Have you been on a luxury cruise? The Ultimate World Cruise set sail on Sunday. It could be the longest cruise ever. The 245-day trip will stop at 111 ports in 51 countries on six continents. The chairman of the cruise company said: "We have been committed to connecting travelers to...experiences that allow them to explore the world in comfort. Our...cruise is the most extensive [trip] available....I am pleased to offer such a unique experience."

The cruise isn't cheap. Passengers paid a minimum of $81,000 each, but all 930 tickets were sold. Guests will live in luxury. The ship has eight restaurants. There is a different menu for every day of the cruise. Special menus will match the destinations. A spokesman said: "There is more food than you can ever imagine." The ship also has two swimming pools, a spa, and a snow grotto where snowflakes fall from the ceiling.

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